A Club to inspire your senses

Take your senses on an extraordinary journey – the amenity spaces at Lighthouse East Tower are anything but ordinary. Welcome to the Spotlight Club. A full complement of indoor and outdoor amenities on two levels to kick-start your pursuit of life, leisure, and happiness. 

The Spotlight Club on 3

Xtreme Fitness Centre

From a brisk session on a treadmill to an extreme full-body workout, you’ll have all the latest cardio, aerobic and weight equipment to put a five-star health club to shame. Whether you’re into box jumps and kettle bells or vinyasa, strength training or cardio endurance, body weights or barbell weights – the Xtreme Fitness Centre takes physical fitness and endurance to extreme limits.

Outdoor Tennis/Basketball Court

The Outdoor Tennis/Basketball Court is the perfect venue to shoot hoops or “ace” your serve. Challenge your buddy to a one-on-one at the basketball net or smash one down the line to make it game, set and match.

Community Gardening Plots

For those with a green thumb, the Community Gardening Plots offer a chance to grow your passion. Whether it’s seasonal flowers, vegetables, organic herbs or tulip bulbs, you will find everything you need to dirty your hands while cleansing your soul.

The Arts & Crafts Studio

The Arts & Crafts Studio is the ideal canvas for expressing your creative side. Draw, paint, sculpt…the possibilities are endless.

The Spotlight Club on 3

3rd Floor Interior

  1. Xtreme Fitness Centre/Fitness Coordinator
    • A. Weight Resistance Zone
    • B. Yoga/Pilates Zone
    • C. Cardio Zone
    • D. Stretch Zone
    • E. Dance Zone
  2. Theatre
  3. Arts & Crafts Studio
  4. Garden Prep Studio

3rd Floor Exterior

  1. Shared Tennis/Basketball Court
  2. Community Gardening Plots

The Spotlight Club on 11

Party Room

Enjoy incredible views and a great ambience. The stylishly furnished Party Room comes with a stone bar, catering kitchen and enough room for everyone to party the night away. This space has exclusive access to a terrace with BBQs to enjoy on warm summer evenings and a cozy outdoor fireplace for wintery nights under the stars.

Social Club, Fireside Lounge and BBQ Terrace

Chill with your buddies in the Social Club, a cool trendy spot featuring a projector screen with ample seating. There’s also the Fireside Lounge with access to the BBQ Terrace for you to relax after a day in the city.

Appliance Sharing Kitchen

Like to cook up a storm? Give in to your culinary passion in the innovative Appliance Sharing Kitchen, a remarkable new amenity where you can take advantage of cooking seminars, training and shared appliances.

Zen Garden

Out here, the mood is mellow, the ambience chic and contemporary. Welcome to the Zen Garden, your outdoor haven in the city. Centre mind, body and spirit, entertain friends and family or enjoy your solitude in this urban oasis, glowing with the warmth of an outdoor fireplace.

The Spotlight Club on 11

11th Floor Interior

  1. Appliance Sharing Kitchen
  2. Party Room/Catering Kitchen
  3. Fireside Lounge
  4. Social Club

11th Floor Exterior

  1. Party Room Terrace
  2. BBQ Terrace
  3. Zen Garden